shloppy-tv-static-logo'Crazy Edutainment for pre-teens'


Shloppy is a bonkers in-vision puppet performed by the stunning professional puppeteer Chris Thatcher. Chris has puppeteered in London’s West End and on TV and now brings Shloppy and his grumpy housemate Sid to life in order to entertain and inform 8-12s.


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Shloppy Vids – professional anarchic edits of Shloppy’s visits out in the world are between 1-5 minutes long and contain quick cut collections of information about the places Shloppy goes and his own off the wall comments – all welded together with fast moving FX.

Shloppy and the Crocodile


Shloppy lives with the ever miserable Sid and they also have their own little domestic scenes.  They are the odd couple.   Shloppy is positive, upbeat and game for any new experience.  Sid is grumpy, cynical and likes sitting at home drinking tea.

Shloppy and Sid are Best Friends.


Shloppy’s regular vlogs are his random thoughts on anything – jumpers, Nintendo Switch, Friday the 13th mixed with his usual chaos laden results. He also posts regularly and uploads short vids to Facebook and Twitter while making lots of subscription friends on YouTube. He tries to have his finger on the contemporary button.

Shloppy and Channel 4’s The Jump



This show is pure entertainment with sprinkles of education thrown in – what is now generally known as “edutainment.” This age group wants a laugh, likes the absurd but also has an insatiable appetite for fact – particularly fact that they can boast with to their friends. We are increasingly working with cultural and other organisations where Shloppy can be the accessible and cool entry point for the pre-teen to understand something a bit drier and more complicated.


Shloppy at the Fitzwilliam


Shloppy learns about Aikido