mmtlogoredcdcompressed'Traditional Fairy Tales for Children'


My Magic Theatre takes the traditional technique of ‘Card Theatre’ (as used by Pollocks Toy Theatre) to tell all your favourite stories in a unique way by using digital puppetry.

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The traditional tales have been brilliantly adapted by writer Mellie Buse and her team working with the theatre designer Amelia Bird. Each show lasts between 5 and 10 minutes using puppetry and camerawork to create a visual feast that is as exciting as it is charming.   The design reflects what a child themselves might create – and then elevated. Original music is composed  by Theatre and TV Musical Director, Kate Edgar and narrated by professional actors.





Jack & the Beanstalk







Classic Fairy Tales and other Traditional stories have virtually disappeared from traditional television schedules.  There was a time when they fell out of favour for being too frightening or irrelevant.  However, the educational thinking is beginning to change, as are kids viewing habits, and there’s no doubt that, given the huge popularity of pantomime, for instance, that the classic fairy tale is still held dear in many hearts. All over the world parents, grandparents and their offspring are keen to see traditional stories brought to life.  




Dick Whittington



We are currently shooting “make and do” tutorial videos for children to learn how to make their own card theatre and shows. This will be linked with full instructions on creating any story child wishes to make. They will be able to download our soundtracks and print and colour/cut-out our designs if they wish.


Snow White


El Cuento de Natividad