Magic2Media creates and produces innovative digital content for children, young people and families with a greater variety of sensibilities and approaches than are currently available in the international market. Based in the UK, that is the foundation of our cultural approach but we are keen to expand content sympathetic to this approach from anywhere in the world. This is the approach we use in relation to hosting other creators’ content on our generalist YouTube channels.

Everything we do is underpinned by sound educational values established over many years by our founders and educational specialists who are brought in to advise on particular projects. We are also keen to work with educational institutions to refine innovative approaches to providing the developmentally best media content for children and young people.

Where we can, we bring in young people from local educational institutions to help us create our work. We have also worked extensively with Creative Skillset. We are always happy to receive approaches for work experience and internships though we are not always able to help.

Children and young people deserve high quality, age appropriate, culturally reflective and varied creative explorations of the world they are growing up in. We aim to contribute to the creation of such media programmes and projects.