'Language Learning For the Youngest'

The Story

The Bitziboos take their name from the fact that they are made out of bits and bobs.  So meet Bluboo, Loubyboo, Dobbyboo and Ookieboo. The story goes that our two presenters, Kit and Flo, who are brother and sister, were given the toys by their mum when they were small.  They played with them so much that the actually believed that they were real.  Then one day, a little bit of magic happened.  The Bitziboos came to life.  And now our audience can all play with them too…..


Count to Five!



Bitziboos is designed to promote language development from the youngest age through 3-5 minute stories and songs.  Using stop-frame animation and young adult presenters, the show introduces children from 1 – 3 years of age to vocabulary and grammar through rhyme, repetition and song.






Show Composition

Each Story Episode follows a meeting between the presenters and the Bitziboos in a situation small children will recognise – playing with toys, simple games like hide and seek, mealtimes and naptime. The puppets show all the recognisable emotions that a small child will be experiencing – joy, wonder, sadness, anger and fear in simple narratives while learning language through scaffolding techniques.






Educational Rationale

The content works just as well for audiences for whom English is an additional language as it does for tiny children for whom English is their mother tongue.  We worked with language consultant Charlotte Raby on the development of the concept. Find out more about Charlotte's work here. Our four characters represent the ages of our target demographic and their language skills mirror this too.