'YouTube Channel for Preschoolers'


Bogglesox is a preschool channel on YouTube full of our own shows as well as hosted content such as ‘Spider’, ‘Katya and the Nutcracker’, ‘Grandpa in My Pocket’ and 'Ha Ha Hairies.'

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The Channel is designed to feature authentic, enriching, funny and educational content. We are keen to showcase high quality age appropriate classics as well as original material that we value that is different from much of the mainstream content. The channel uploads five days a week and is building its community through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




Grandpa in my Pocket



Bogglesox aims gradually to build a small home for valued and trusted content. This content will enrich small children’s lives during their vital growing years, helping them in their social-emotional development, language learning and appreciation of classic early years’ storytelling. It provides an alternative destination from the mass of mainstream pre-school content which is increasingly similar.


Ha Ha Hairies


Katya and the Nutcracker



We will continue to grow our new and original shows and increase uploads of hosted shows. We are always keen to hear from license holders who would be interested for us to show their works on a showcase and joint venture basis if they think the style of their show fits our overall approach.



We have produced a pilot App which we are currently pitching to possible developers.